Values , Vision & Mission


The Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University is ever in pursuit of higher virtues of Education and Healthcare services and strives to seek newer horizons. Our endeavors are driven by our Core Values as stated below:

  • A commitment to build global competencies among students.
  • A commitment to creativity, innovation and sustainable excellence.
  • A commitment to develop scientific temperament &evidence-based research.
  • A commitment to provide high quality health care to the poor, downtrodden, marginalized population.
  • A commitment to nurture human intellectual capital.
  • A commitment to follow principles of charity in every endeavor.
  • A commitment to serve, build and empower communities.


  • To be the Centre of Excellence in Higher Education, Health Education, Health Care Services and Research & Innovation.
  • To develop Health Care Professionals of Global Competence.
  • To be the Center of Excellence in the area of Evidence Based Education and Healthcare.
  • To establish state of art vibrant and self-sustainable innovation ecosystem with business incubation facility for startups.
  • To facilitate an inclusive, participatory and holistic approach in professional programs / courses of Higher education.


  • To provide state of art Infrastructure and human resource of higher credentials for Teaching Learning, Research and Innovation, General Healthcare Services and Preventive Healthcare Services.
  • To contribute towards Nation building by creating intellectually and technically proficient Health Care professionals who are innovative scholars, inspiring leaders and contributing citizens.
  • To execute High Quality and Internationally acclaimed academic and research programs in all areas of Health Sciences.
  • To integrate modern Medicine with AYUSH and envisage multi-disciplinary Institutional status.
  • To augment collaboration/ partnerships with Educational Institutes, Government and Private Organizations, Industries, Community organization etc. for collective endeavor towards societal development, and establishment of need based professional programs focusing competency, employability, entrepreneurship and skill development.
  • To nurture Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship with new Ideas through development and transfer of Technology, and Business startups.
  • To foster the culture of innovative thinking and Technology-led entrepreneurship amongst the Teaching Faculty, Non – Teaching Staff and Students of the Institution.