Brief Job Profile of Various Posts


  • Will be responsible for the entire Financial and Accounting Administration of Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, Dhiraj Hospital and other Institutions including Preparation of the Annual Budgets, Estimates, Statement of Accounts with accuracy and submission to the management.
  • Will be responsible for formulating potential strategic financial plans for the future development of the Vidyapeeth, managing employee benefit plans by ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements including management of tax related matters.


  • He / She shall be assisting Chief Finance Officer to look after entire finance and accounting functions, annual budget, estimates and statements of account and its submission to authority.


  • Will be responsible to carry out the internal audit, authenticate and recommend safeguards for financial operations.
  • Will be responsible for evaluating the inadequacies of the system of internal controls at various levels and recommending improvements thereafter in respect of the Vidyapeeth.
  • Will be responsible to Prepare a concise, practical and informative report along with suggestive remedial measures to the management.


  • Will be responsible to administer and look after the day to day accounting activities of the hospital, preparation of statement of accounts, annual budgets, estimates etc with accuracy.
  • Will be responsible to assist the Chief Finance Officer towards discharging accounting responsibilities of the Vidyapeeth.


  • Will be responsible for the administration of un-interrupted/adequate supply of Water, Electricity, Maintenance and Aesthetic related services to the Buildings, Projects and Hospital located inside Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Campus.
  • Will be responsible to interact with Architects / Contractors / Consultants for projects and to conduct meeting with all site teams for reviewing and monitoring of projects for timely completion.
  • Will be responsible to ensure Quality Work, Timely Procurement of Materials for on-going Projects along with Compliance with Regulatory authorities/Technical bodies.


  • Will be responsible to develop project objectives, review bids form contractors, prepare rate analysis, check reports submitted by site engineers, control project cost and maintain project schedule by closely monitoring the progress.
  • Will be responsible to supervise the work of the site engineer to ensure qualitative and timely completion of works including safe and clean working environment by enforcing procedures.
  • Report progress on regular basis to the Chief Engineer.


  • Will be responsible for designing maintenance strategies and procedures for carrying out quality maintenance and report to the Chief Engineer.
  • Will be responsible to execute timely completion of all types of maintenance works such as plumbing, carpentry, drainage, operation, housekeeping, sanitation, water purify etc in Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Campus and Dhiraj Hospital.
  • Will be responsible to process and obtain required approval for various work for the higher authorities.


  • Will be responsible to check plans, drawing and ensure execution of work on site including forecasting of requirement of materials and rates demands .
  • will be responsible to day to day supervision of ongoing works, liaise with contractors and report to the project engineer.


  • Will be responsible to oversee planning , design and execution of Mechanical , Electrical and Plumbing related services including chillers, split units, hot and cold water system, pumps etc, for Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Campus.
  • Will be responsible for maintenance and rectification of faults in HVAC systems and all refrigeration equipment of the Campus.


  • Will be responsible for maintenance and operation of the entire electrical infrastructure of Sumandeep Vidyapeeth and Dhiraj Hospital .
  • Will be responsible for planning and forecasting of future requirements of supply of electricity and related equipments   to various Institutions depending upon their expansion.
  • Will be responsible to ensure regular maintenance and availability of stand by electricity supply systems in case of failure from main source of supply (GEB).
  • Maintain proper liaison with GEB /Other agencies for Inspections / Audit of electrical Infrastructures of Sumandeep Vidyapeeth.


  • Will be responsible for the day to day operations / managementof all electrical Infrastructure within the area of responsibility assigned to him by detailing suitable Electrician / Technician under him to ensure 100%
    un-interrupted power supply.
  • Will be responsible for preventive maintenance and day to day inspection / supervision of work of the equipments  /subordinates placed under him and submit a report to the Senior Electrical Engineer.