“Enjoy the game and chase your dreams, dreams do come true..”  – Sachin Tendulakar

  • The Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, an Institution deemed to be the university, intensely promotes sports and field activities. It fosters talent and nurtures them to achieve higher accolades. The world class sports and games complex has been built and maintained apart from multi-gym and yoga facilities. The student community uses the facilities to get rid of their academic fatigue.
  • Institution facilitates the student participation in sports activities throughout the year at regional, state & national level competitions. Various sports activities supported by coach are conducted regularly to address physical-mental well being of the students as well as for their overall personality development. The talented students are identified and are put through programmed coaching as well as intra institutional sports activities with the active involvement of staff and students.
  • Institution has talent building policy for enhancing student participation in sports & extra-curricular activities. To this effect a director of sports & physical instructor have been appointed to oversee multiple aspects which include specialized coaching by trained coaches, granting special attendance for the participants, availability of team of physiotherapists, nutritional advice by the nutritionist, provision of TA/DA for participants , provision for incentives, special kits, tracks suites, spikes, studs, shorts, sports T-shirts etc.
  • Nationally and internationally recognized personalities from different fields are invited to motivate the students.

“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion” – Michael Jordan