• The present day youth living amongst wonders of all echelons of Technlogy including advances in medical and paramedical sciences is probably little less equipped with coping up with challenges posed by hedonism a real source of worry for all thinking minds in every walk of life.
  • The ever increasing rates of depression and related sociopsychic phenomena,increasing rates of suicides just to highlight two great scurges are plaguing the people world over.
  • How to overcome them is the greatest challenge before academic world globally.
  • We at Sumandeep Vidyapeeth have done some brainstorming, the result of which is this innovative idea of “Gyan Parab.”


  • At the root of vision for a valuebased,valueadded education of Swami Vivekananda was allowing divinity already present in each soul to allow it to be manifested.
  • Our efforts must be directed at giving right ideas and perspectives to our students without being too preachy and in a manner which allows a process of self development.By encouraging their own active efforts,participation and igniting their young minds at the most appropriate time,this will make education a true “Manmaking process” and help making India a stronger and better place providing the nation with right thinking,responsible citizens imbued with a zeal to serve India better.

Our goals:

  • We at Sumandeep Vidyapeeth on one hand are striving hard for developing left cerebral activity of our wards by inculcating best professional knowledge of highest denominations, simultaneously equally and extremely keen to develop the right brain development of our wealth of students by imparting a value based and value added extracurricular base by an interactive approach which we prefer to call it as “ज्ञानपरब  “ज्ञान =knowledge and परब=fountain.


  • We will include a large variety of topics/issues as subject matters and it will include personality development, character building, national problems and their probable solutions, spiritual guidances-multidisciplinary approach, important moral and ethical issues, literature, fine arts, knowledge provoking dictates-are some amongst few we have in minds right now.
  • We will widen our net with experiences thus shared and welcoming suggestions.
  • Every Saturday between 11.30 to 12.30 pm there will be different sessions.
    a.  On first and third Saturdays an interactive assembly of teachers and taught on various preannounced issues of as highlighted above will be the debating platform.
    b. On third Saturdays we will invoke two students with 2 teaching mentors who will be asked to speak on selected topics in tandem.
    c. On 4th Saturdays Sumandeep Vidyapeeth will invite intellectuals, laureates and luminaries of national and international scenario to deliver each an oration of highest values.
    In each assembly, 40 minutes will be proactive discussion followed by question answer sessions!
  • By this innovative approach we want to strengthen our educational moorings so vital to sustain her justifiable existence.

Time Line:

  • We hope to begin our noble mission from the ensuing Friday, 18th September coinciding with auspiscious Hindu tithi of “Rishi Panchmi” in consonance with the project.