Sumandeep Vidyapeeth envisages itself as an institution providing Health – care, Education Services and Research of the highest recognized standard and best practices in all its perspective with vision to develop a way of thinking, a philosophy, a paradigm of the practice of medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, nursing care, pharmacy and health care management for the new millennium with the following objectives:

  1. Provide education that allows hands-on-experience both in hospital as well as in community setting with systematic evidence based approach, educational experience that emphasizes health rather than only disease with outcome-based education as a goal.
  2. Inculcate the technique of reasoning, ability to understand the evidence, the nature and hierarchy of the evidence, critically choose the best evidence and apply it in clinical practice.
  3. To facilitate a learning experience that will provide the skills to develop, implement and disseminate an evidence-based approach for effective health care practice.
  4. To provide the doctor/dentist/health care provider who will believe in the value of life-long learning and value the evidence in making clinical decisions over opinion. EBES can lead to better skill and knowledge which ultimately will benefit society.

With the above objectives in mind, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth has adapted and cultivated this unique and innovative programme – EBES (Evidence-based Education System) as the central idea of best practices of the institution. Sumandeep Vidyapeeth has selected the best mix of modes, methods and learning approaches to achieve the intended educational outcome with evidence based education system. To acquaint students of all constituent colleges with the evidence based concept, following courses were developed for the undergraduate students keeping requirement of individual streams in mind: Evidence-based Medicine (EBM), Evidence-based Dentistry (EBD), Evidence-based Pharmacy, Evidence-based Physiotherapy, Evidence-based Nursing and Evidence-based Management.

The courses are aimed at imparting the skill of decision making based on the available evidences. which in turn includes the need of skills to search for all available evidences, skills of identifying the best available evidence, skills of appraising the evidences and assessing applicability to make appropriate decisions for individual patients. The subjects are taught to the undergraduate students of all constituent colleges from the very first year of graduation till the final year. Theory lectures on the evidence based concept are taken by the trained faculty. Modules have been prepared and provided for each subject for reference for the students. The students are also given evidence based activities to perform. Both theory and practical assessment is done and grades are given which are separately mentioned on the final marksheet which signifies the additional training that the students receive during their graduation.