EBES Collaboration

Sumandeep Vidyapeeth is committed to improve healthcare practice and hence it practices and promotes Evidence-based health care (EBHC). Through the unique and innovating education system i.e. EBES we ensure to provide the knowledge to approach evidence-based healthcare. Along with this we are involved in synthesize, transfer and implementing the Evidence in health care. To strengthen this practice Sumandeep is collaborated with JBI ( https://jbi.global/global_reach/collaboration/jbc_entity?collaborator_id=344 ).

JBI is an international research organization based in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. JBI develops and delivers unique evidence-based information, software, education and training designed to improve healthcare practice and health outcomes. JBI work with universities and hospitals from across the globe through the JBI Collaboration.
Collaborating Entity Details for Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Centre for Evidence Based Health Care- A JBI Affiliated Group are as follows.

Position Title    (ie Dr. Prof) First name Last Name Post nominal Qualification (i.e. PhD, MNSc)



Director/ Convenor Dr. Rashmi Venkatesh MDS (Oral Medicine & Radiology)



Deputy Dr. Nirali Chauhan MS (ENT) nirali91pina@gmail.com
Core Staff Dr. Monali Shah MDS (Periodontology)



Core Staff Dr. Seema Bargale MDS ( Paediatrics and Preventive Dentistry)

drseemab.kmsdch@sumandeepvidyapeethdu.edu.in drseemabargale@gmail.com


Core Staff Prof. G. Palani Kumar

MPT (Neuro-physiotherapy)

Ongoing (PhD)

Core Staff Ass Prof. Kalpesh Satani MPT (Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy and intensive care), Ongoing (PhD)



Core Staff Dr. Medha Wadhwa MBA(Healthcare), Ongoing (PhD) drmedhakalyan@gmail.com
Core Staff Prof. Suresh V MSc Nursing (Mental Health Nursing)




Core Staff Ass Prof. Mital Thakkar MBA(Finance) mital_thakkar87@yahoo.co.in
Core Staff Dr. Grishma Chauhan MD Community Medicine drgrishma19@gmail.com
Core Staff Dr. Aditya Agrawal MS (Orthopaedics) adityaagrawal83@gmail.com
Adjunct Staff Dr. Sarvjeet Khare Pharm. D, PhD sarvjeetkhare@gmail.com