Faculty Development Cell


(Modified in Dec 17)


Any organization’s future depends on their faculties and who in turn depend on the knowledge, skills, expertise and motivation. Development and training is a continuous and systematic process. The process of training should necessarily be directed to give every teacher a sense of professionalism, excellence, motivation and customer satisfaction. Teacher is a professional that teaches all other profession. So faculty development programme is essential to achieve organization’s major and long-term goals. University has formulated policy in this regard to promote and nourish the faculties of university for continuous improvement of faculty and university profile.


To build a platform of innovation and educational leadership to strengthen the faculty profile to compete with the world class excellence and to bring a qualitative and quantitative change in the teaching-learning process for both undergraduate and post graduate students of the university.


  1. To enhance the quality of Health professional teachers with in-service faculty development training for their role as teachers.
  2. To sensitize teachers about new concepts in teaching and assessment methods.
  3. Develop conducive environment for acquisition of knowledge and clinical skills required for performing the role of competent and effective teacher, administrator, researcher and mentor.
  4. To create & provide opportunities to faculty to represent institute/university at various academic & non academic platforms through.
  5. To develop, implement & strengthen various incentive schemes for faculty development.
  6. To motivate teachers for educational research and publications by developing research culture in university.
  7. To strengthen personal interaction through effective communication skill.
  8. To organize faculty development program at university level.


  • University Faculty Development committee in consultation with institute level sub-committee shall be responsible to functioning of the FDC towards the achievement of above mentioned objectives.
  • To enhance education technology skills of faculties, the FDC shall observe & guide institutional education units to conduct teachers training programs regularly: Induction of newly joined teachers & refreshers for the existing teachers through regular conduction of Basic MET workshops.
  • Apart from mandate of the respective statutory norms for faculty development program, FDC shall invite and involve the experts/specialists of faculty development from internal and/or external sources,
  • FDC shall also conduct training sessions focusing on enhancing overall professional & personal development of faculty interpersonal communication skills.
  • FDC shall promote the faculties of each constituent unit to participate in various seminars, conferences, work shop, fellowships, educational programmes etc conducted in the university and outside the university.
  • FDC shall contribute in policy development for university/institutional sponsorship to faculty members for academic& scientific presentations at national & international level
  • FDC shall promote & encourage the faculties to take up advance educational courses/ fellowships.
  • FDC shall guide & encourage institutional education units to organize various academic & educational oriented programs, workshops for the Post Graduate students
  • FDC shall be responsible for maintaining all relevant data, records and documentation related to faculty activities.
  • FDC shall conduct the audit, prepares the report, analyze the same and submit the analysed report to UIQAC once in year at the end of academic year.


  • Faculty Development committee meets once in two months and need based additional meetings are conducted.
  • Predetermined agenda is circulated to all members; deliberation on agenda issues during meeting is done which is followed by action taken.
  • The office copies of all these proceedings are available in FDC record.
  • Office ID of FDC is commt.faculty_development@sumandeepuniversity.co.in
Name of the faculty Designation Position
Dr. Bhavna Dave Professor and Head, Department of Paediatric & Preventive Dentistry, KMSDCH Chairperson
Mr. Adithya S. Associate Professor, Sumandeep Nursing College Member Secretary
Dr. Neha Mukkamala Assistant Professor, College of Physiotherapy Member
Dr. Ajay Singh Rao Reader, Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, KMSDC & H Member
Dr. Chintan Aundhia Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy Member
Dr. Kuntal Patel Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology,  SBKSMI&RC Member
Dr. Devanshi Gosai Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology,  SBKSMI&RC Member
Dr. Deepa Patil Reader, Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology, KMSDCH Member
Sr.No. Name Download
1 SOP for Academic event organization
2 SOP for applying for incentive for prize received in presentation
3 SOP for paper poster presentation & attending FDP
Sr.No. Name Download
1 Basic MET workshop for Medical and Health Sciences Mar 2016
2 Faculty Orientation Program July 2017
3 Basic MET workshop for Medical and Health Sciences July 2017
4 Orientation Program of newly joined Faculty Apr 2018
5 Orientation Program for Newly Joined Faculty July 2019
6 State Level Workshop on Education Technology for Health Science Faculties Apr 2019
Sr.No. Name Download
1 Annual Report 2015-16-FDC, SV
2 Annual Report 2016-17-FDC, SV
3 Annual Report 2017-18-FDC, SV
4 Annual Report 2018-19-FDC, SV
5 Annual Report 2019-20-FDC, SV
Sr.No. Name Download
1 Application for incentive claim for 1st/2nd /3rd prize in oral/ poster paper presentation
2 Application for paper/poster presentation or attending FDP
3 Post presentation incentive application form
4 Application form for academic event organization
5 Report of academic event organized