General Campus Facilities Checklist

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • YesNo
    1. Sports ground and surrounding garden properly manicured.
    2. Volleyball courts, basketball courts and tennis courts properly maintained with paintings and markings.
    3. Seating gallery in sports grounds properly maintained.
    4. Indoor sports stadium properly maintained.
  • YesNo
    1. Outdoor play equipment properly functioning and maintained.
    2. Sandpit maintained properly without any grass or thrash.
  • YesNo
    1. All gym equipment properly functioning and maintained.
    2. Walking track properly maintained without any grass or thrash.
    3. Lawn and surrounding garden properly manicured.
  • YesNo
    1. Is all flooring free of damage or wear and tear?
    2. Is all fixed equipment firmly connected to the floor?
    3. Non-slip materials and mats in place, free of damage and wear.
    4. Is drinking water facility available and hygiene maintained.
    5. All equipment checked for damage, wear, loose or protruding bolts or screws, cables, chains, insecure or non-functional straps.
    6. Light Covers Fans, Air Vents, Clocks, Mirrors and Speakers cleaned.
    7. All portable equipment returned and stored in designated area after usage.
  • YesNo
    1. All street lights functioning.
    2. There are no Hanging wires and cables.
    3. All the electrical wires at the joints and junctions concealed.
    4. All electric panel rooms properly maintained.
    5. Are all solar panels cleaned regularly as per schedule?
  • YesNo
    1. Are roads and footpath surfaces clear and free of debris.
    2. Are surrounding lawns and gardens manicured as per schedule.
    3. Are waste and trash containers provided at designated areas and used.
    4. Is there regular removal of waste and trash from the containers.
  • YesNo
    1. Head caps worn by all staff.
    2. Fingernails short and clean.
    3. Gloves worn by food handlers during serving.
    4. Is daily menu displayed?
    5. Cleanliness and hygiene of dining area properly maintained.
    6. Maintenance of hand washing areas and availability of soap.
    7. Is dry and wet storage areas properly maintained?
    8. Is waste generated from mess properly disposed as per protocol?
  • YesNo
    1. Are all the vehicles cleaned internally and externally as per schedule?
    2. Are seats and upholstery properly maintained?
    3. Is route map and time schedule displayed in mass transport vehicles?
    4. Are valid fire Extinguishers placed in designated vehicles?
    5. Are First Aid kits available in all vehicles?
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