Organogram of Institutional Social responsibility:

  • Advisory Group (AG)
  • University Level ISR Committee
  • ISR Cell
  • ISR Committee at Institute level.
  • Advisory Group:

    The Advisory Group (AG) would be the apex body at the University Level to guide, support and advise the programme.  The AG would be chaired by the Vice Chancellor. The AG would consist of the following official and non official member:

    • Dr. R. P. Bharaney, Vice Chancellor, SV
    • Dr. G V Shah, Dean, SBKS MIRC
    • Dr. Ajit Krishnan, Principal, KMSDCH
    • Dr. A K Seth, Principal, Department of Pharmacy
    • Dr. Lata Parmar, Principal, College of Physiotherapy
    • Mr. H Ravindra, Principal, School of Nursing
    • Dr. Subhasish Chatterjee, HoD& Professor, Department of Management
    • Dr. Lavleshkumar, Superintendent, Dhiraj Hospital
    • Dr. Niraj Pandit, Head, ISR Cell & Professor and Head, Department of PSM
    • Mr. Dipesh Dave, ISR Coordinator, ISR Cell (Member Secretary)

    The roles and responsibilities of the AG would include:

    • Overall guidance to the ISR program of the university in line with the policy.
    • Review of performance of Different ISR activities
    • Ensure regular Monitoring and Evaluation of the ISR activities
    • Share views and experiences with all stakeholders

    The Committee will meet every six months to review the progress of social activities.

    The University Level ISR  Committee:

    The University Level ISR Committee would be chaired by the HoD-ISR and Dy. Director-Central Research Cell. The committee would consist of the following official and non official member:

    • Dr.Niraj Pandit,Head, ISR Cell & Professor & Head, Department of PSM-Chair
    • Dr. Maharsi Patel, Dept of Community Medicine, SBSK medical Institute and Research Center.
    • Dr. Hemal Patel, ISR Coordinator, Dept of PHD, KMSDCH.
    • Dr. Kalpesh Satani, ISR Coordinator, College Physiotherapy.
    • Mr. Ashim Kumar Sen, ISR Coordinator, Department of Pharmacy
    • Ms. Sabhana Khan  , ISR Coordinator, Department of  Management
    • Ms. Ekta Patel, Sumandeep Nursing College.
    • Mr. Dipesh Dave, Coordinator, ISR Cell (Member Secretary)

    The main role of the University Level ISR Committee is to provide technical support and assistance to the various constitutes Institutions under SVDU on ISR Activities.

    Key functions of the University Level ISR Committee include:

    • Capacity building of Institutional ISR coordinators.
    • Appraisals  and approval of Various ISR Activities
    • Monitor quality of ISR activities with support of implementing Institution.
    • Conducting ISR activities needs assessment
    • Identify and document  ISR activities for broader sharing and learning
    • Organizing experience sharing workshops and thematic workshops based on need

    The committee will meet on quarterly basis to review the progress of social activities and will submit the report to Advisory committee.

    The ISR Cell will be the implementation and Monitoring unit of ISR activities for SVDU. The ISR cell will be responsible for support, appraisal, fund release and monitoring of various ISR activities carried out by various institutions under SVDU. The ISR Cell will be located within Central research Cell premises.