Sr. No Name Patent Number Title of the patent/Copyright
1 Dr. J. J. Patwa 201621007248 Mowhto Plate “An innovative Lock Step plate for Medical Open Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy”
2 Dr. Ankit Arora 201921003955 A Three dimensional dentition model
3 1.) Dr. Bhavna Dave
2.) Dr. Girish Tailor
201921009424 Formulation of oral mucoadhesive patch of phytoconstituents or plant extract for gingival pigmentation
4 1.) Ajay Singh Rao
2.) Nimisha Shah
201921042733 A Dental instrument for tooth preparation and gauging
5 1.) Ankit Arora
2.) Nimisha Shah
201921045704 An apparatus for heating dental materials by means of heat conducting material
6 Mr. VeerendraKishan Shandilya 201821039650 A self controlled prosthetic knee for human amputee
7 1.) Dr. Ankit Arora
2.) Dr. Nimisha Shah
201921003955 A Three Dimensional Dentition  Model