Research Promotion Policy

  • Introduction:

Research Promotion Scheme is aimed to create research ambience in the institutes by promoting research in healthcare sciences and innovations in established and newer technologies; and to generate Master’s and Doctoral degree candidates to augment the supply of research experience faculty and research personnel in the country.

Research and development activities are considered as an essential component of higher education because of their role in creating new knowledge and insight and imparting excitement and dynamism to the educational process, as well as make them need based in view of the national requirements

  • Terms, Definition and Synonyms:

Research Incentive: It includes anything offered to participants, monetary or otherwise, to encourage participation in research.

  • Purpose:

The purpose of this Policy is-

  • To motivate the faculty members of our institution to undertake quality research, consultancy and other research related activities.
  • To create and update the general research capabilities of the faculty members of the various healthcare and technical institutes.
  • To encourage greater effort and success in securing external research funding.
  • To make the Institution’s research environment more attractive to current and prospective staff.
  • Scope:

The scope of the scheme envisages, in particular:

  • To motivate our faculty members to concentrate on research related activities, in addition to the teaching, so as to publish research articles in reputed refereed international and national journals with impact
  • To pursue efforts to write books monographs for publication by International and National publishers of repute.
  • To show interest among the members of faculty so that they take efforts to establish collaborative research projects with their counterparts in reputed national and foreign universities.
  • To encourage our faculty members to submit proposals and secure funded research projects from various funding agencies in India and Abroad.
  • To undertake consultancy projects sponsored by Government & Private, Industrial and other organizations.
  • To encourage creativity in the minds of faculty members, so that they make original contributions by way of products, concepts etc. and  obtain patents.
  • Policy Statement:

To promote Research and publications by the faculty members and students of the Institution, the guidelines for research promotion are categorized as:-

  1. Incentives for Research publications
  2. Incentives for Research projects for extramural funding
  3. Incentives to the Principal and co-Investigator in Clinical Trials
  4. Financial assistance for pursuing Ph.D
  5. Financial assistance for attending National and International Conferences and Faculty Development programmes
  6. Deputation without financial support abroad and India

Incentives for Research publications and other research related work:

The Research incentive scheme shall be offered for research activities subject to the following conditions:

  1. Publication of original research paper, review article, systematic review, meta-analysis and case study should be published in indexed journals i.e. PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science and UGC Care list.
  2. Book/Book chapter in reputed National/International publishers. Only first author of the book/book chapter from Sumandeep Vidyapeeth will be eligible.
  3. One chapter per book will be the eligible for incentive claim.
  4. Book/book chapter should have ISBN number and Sumandeep Vidyapeeth as an
  5. Presentation of scientific research work (performed in SVDU) via oral/poster paper in scientific event such as conference, workshop, CME, etc. (Claims to be submitted at FDC office)
  6. Research work conducted in Sumandeep Vidyapeeth or in association/collaboration with other institute/industry/research lab is eligible; provided a due permission letter is to be obtained from the collaborative institute and submit to the Research Cell.
  7. The publications of the research work should belong either to PI/Guide/Faculty of Sumandeep Vidyapeeth constituent Institutes.
  8. The research work being presented or published should have been carried out in SVDU; however the part of work may be conducted in collaborative Institute/Research labs in case such facilities are not available in SVDU. In addition, the name of SVDU should be depicted in the publication as a first affiliation.
  9. All research studies should be conducted only after obtaining due written permission (clearance/approval) from SVIEC/ IAEC. In case of in-vitro studies, NOC from Research Cell is required.
  10. Applicant shall apply for the research incentives in prescribed format with proof (Appendix 3).
  11. Incentives will be given as mentioned in Table 9.1.

Table1: Incentive of Various Research Activities

Type of Paper Indexing Data Bases Incentive (Rs.)
Original Research Paper / Review article / Case Report / Case Series / Narrative (Only for First Author who is a Teaching Faculty) I. Journal with Impact Factor of Clarivate Analytics  
1. Upto 2 Impact factor – Indexed in  PubMed Central  / Medline / Index Medicus / Scopus / Science Citation Index expanded (SCIE) / Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) 10,000/-
2. From 2.1 to 5 Impact factor – Indexed in  PubMed Central  / Medline / Index Medicus / Scopus / Science Citation Index expanded (SCIE) / Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) 12,000/-
3. Above 5.1 to 10 Impact factor – Indexed in  PubMed Central  / Medline / Index Medicus / Scopus / Science Citation Index expanded (SCIE) / Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) 14,000/-
4. Above 10.1 to 15 Impact factor – Indexed in  PubMed Central  / Medline / Index Medicus / Scopus / Science Citation Index expanded (SCIE) / Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) 16,000/-
5. Above 15.1 Impact factor – Indexed in  PubMed Central  / Medline / Index Medicus / Scopus / Science Citation Index expanded (SCIE) / Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) 22,000/-
II. Indexed Journal with No Impact Factor with Clarivate Analytics
1. PubMed Central  / Medline / Index Medicus / Scopus / Science Citation Index expanded (SCIE) / Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) 5,000/-
2. UGC CARE list journals 2,000/-
Books / Chapters

(First author/Editor)


Book Indexed with PubMed Central  / Medline / Index Medicus / Scopus / Science Citation Index expanded (SCIE) / Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) 15,000/-
Chapter The Book where the chapter is grouped, shall be Indexed with PubMed Central  / Medline / Index Medicus / Scopus / Science Citation Index expanded (SCIE) / Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) 5,000/-
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Only for Teaching Faculty who is the First applicant 1.   Indian Patent


Awarded / Granted 10,000/-
2.   International Patent


Awarded / Granted 20,000/-
3.   Patent Design


Awarded / Granted 10,000/-
4.   Copy Right


Awarded / Granted 3,000/-
Patent / Patent Design Royalty on commercialization of innovation where Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University is the First applicant and Teaching Faculties are other applicants Indian / International  Patent / Patent Design 80:20 (80% of profit is to the Institution and 20% of the profit to the related Teaching Faculty, which shall be equally divided)


          Incentives for Research projects for extramural funding:

The SVDU offers additional reward to the Researchers receiving grants from External Agencies:

  1. The faculty and research scholar getting research grant from national funding agencies viz., ICMR, CSIR, DST, DBT, GUJCOST, Pharmaceutical companies or International funding agencies like; WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO or other private funding organization including registered NGOs etc. shall be eligible for benefits under scheme.
  2. Researchers will be offered additional reward as per rules given in Table 9.2.

Table 2:  Additional Monetary Reward for Extramural Research Project

S. No. Extramural fund received (INR) % to be paid as total one time performance incentive* to all PIs(Co-PIs and supportive staff)
1 Fund received up to 10 L 3% of fund received
2 Fund received above 10 L 5% of fund received

         * Disbursement of the incentives shall be executed after the completion of the project 

Incentives to the Principal and co-Investigator in Clinical Trials:

Clinical Trial consultancy among Principal Investigator and co-Investigator shall be distributed as described in the following scheme:

Financial assistance to Faculty for pursuing Ph.D:

The Objective of this promotion scheme is to encourage the faculty member to improve their qualifications by pursuing Ph.D. programme available in the Institution. Any teacher of the Institution can enroll for the Ph.D. programme as per the procedure laid down by the Institution.

  1. A faculty who is admitted to the Ph.D. course shall be provided fee concession to the tune of 40% of the fee charged for the course.
  2. The fee of the faculty pursuing PhD will be deducted in installments monthly from his/her salary.
  3. The faculty will have to give an undertaking that he/she shall continue to be in the employment of the Institution for minimum two year after completing Ph.D. course.          

Financial assistance for attending National and International Conferences/Seminar/Workshop and Faculty Development programmes:

Faculty is given incentives in the form of actual registration fee, and TA/DA to attend the conference or seminar as per the FDP policy of the Institution provided their research paper either oral/poster is accepted.

  1. The prescribed application form for conference/symposia/seminar etc. in India and abroad is to be used.
  2. Application duly forwarded by the Head of the Department and Dean of Faculty with their specific recommendation (regarding eligibility and amount to be given), to the Office of the FDC Coordinator, preferably 30 days before the date of the programme along with the brochure of the programme, acceptance letter from the organizer of the Conference or Seminar and other details of the registration fee and expense of TA/DA as per FDC policy of the Institution.
  3. The incentive will be reimbursed to the faculty after submitting the detailed report of the event and all the relevant bills of registration fee and TA/DA.
  4. For International Conference/Seminar, a consolidated amount of Rs. 50,000/- is given as a financial assistance with academic leaves to the faculty who is presenting the either oral or poster paper.

Deputation without financial support abroad and India:

Faculty seeking permission to attend conferences/seminars/symposia/ workshop / training programme in India or abroad without financial support from the Sumandeep Vidyapeeth but (academic) leave only, should also follow the same procedure as mentioned in procedure of applying for financial assistance for attending conferences/seminars/symposia etc abroad and India as per the guidelines of the FDP of Institution.

  • Responsibilities:

The responsibility pertaining to the disbursement of the research incentive according to the Research Incentive Scheme/Research Promotional policy is on the Research Coordinator of the Research Cell involved in verification of the data submitted by the researcher with the requirement of the Research Incentive policy.

  • Reporting:

In case of any dispute arising related to the research incentive shall be reported to the Vice Chancellor of the Institution.

  • Records management:

The records pertaining to the Research incentive scheme/Research Promotional policy is maintained and managed by the Department of central Research and Innovation of the Institution in soft and hard copies for at least five years.

  •  Related Legislation and References:


  •  Policy Administrator:

This policy is administered by the Vice Chancellor of the Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University with the inputs of the Research Advisory Board.

  • Implementation Procedure:
  1. An eligible applicant may apply in a prescribed application form as mentioned in compendium.
  2. The applicant should submit the duly filled application along with a copy of publication and SVIEC/SVIAEC approval letter and NOC (if applicable) through the concern HoI to the Research Cell.
  3. The application must be submitted within six month of publication or else it will not be considered.
  4. The Research Cell will scrutinize the applications for their eligibility as per policy and forward to SV review committee for its approval.
  5. After approval from SV review committee, Research Cell disperses the letter to the respective applicants for acceptance/rejection of the incentive claims.
  6. Incomplete applications at any sense shall be rejected.
    • Note: In case of failure to submit the above relevant documents and fulfill the requirement shall debar the applicant from the benefit of this scheme.
    • In case the proposed project work is found under act of plagiarism, all benefits of scheme will be withdrawn and incentive amount will be deducted from the salary and further the faculty will be subjected to disciplinary action as per Institution
  7. Disbursement of incentive
    1. All incentive claims are reviewed and sanctioned from the Research Cell as per the policy.
    2. The incentive amount shall be remitted to the applicant who shall be responsible for disbursal to all authors according to their mutual understanding.
    3. Incentives are disbursed on quarterly basis.
    4. Incentives other than publication shall be disbursed only after submission of the necessary documents through the HoI/Dean Faculty to Research Cell. Research Cell will verify the application and the relevant documents and will forward the application to the Registrar for the disbursement.
    5. The Vice Chancellor, SVDU reserves the rights in case of any dispute of any incentive claim.