Research Incentive Claim (RIC) Policy


Sumandeep Vidyapeeth has framed various policies to promote research among researchers and faculties. Research Incentive is one of them to motivate the faculty and researchers to undertake quality research, consultancy and other related activities.


  1. Meta-analysis, systematic reviews; review article, a case studywill also considered for incentive claims if are published in indexed journal. In such case only two claims per year will be considered for incentives per applicant.
  2. The incentive scheme shall be offered for following areas of research;
    • Publication of book/book chapter, original research paper, systematic review and case report.
    • Presentation of scientific research work done in SVDU as oral/poster paper in scientific event such as conference, workshop, CME, etc. (Claims to be submitted at FDC office)
    • Research work conducted in Sumandeep Vidyapeeth as parent institution (in case of research article, case studies)
  3. The publication should essentially be PI’s own research work and should be published in Indexed journals.
  4. Publication of book or book chapter in the subject or discipline of his/her own that should belong to six institutes of SV.
  5. The research work being presented or published should have been carried out under banner of SVDU and also clearly depict or highlight the name of “Sumandeep Vidyapeeth”.
  6. All research studies should be conducted only after obtaining due written permission (clearance/approval) from respective ethics committee. For human studies clearance from SVIEC, for animal studies clearance from SVIAEC and for lab based in vitro studies NOC from Research Cell Office is required.
  7. Incentive Scheme for Researchers Getting Grants from SVRGFC
    • The faculty getting research grant from Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Research Grant &Funding Scheme (SVRGFC) shall be eligible for benefits under scheme. On successful completion of research project funded by SVRGFC; the PI will get additional increment in salary (3%) over and above regular increment for that year
  8. Incentive Scheme for Researchers Getting Grants from External Agencies:
    • The faculty and research scholar getting research grant from national external agencies viz., ICMR, CSIR, DST, DBT, GUJCOST, Pharmaceutical companies or other private funding organization including registered NGOs and international funding agencies like; WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO etc.shall be eligible for benefits under scheme.
  9. Incentive for scientific work/achievements will be awarded to the participant as per Table-1
publication Incentives
Applicable to:
· Research Paper/Review article
· (Max number for review article for incentives can be 2/ per year).
· Excluding case studies
Indexed Journal Elsevier/ACS/Cochrane Index/ PubMed 6,000/-
Other indexed(NOT just abstracted) 4,000/-
Index journals with Impact Factor
(Thomson Reuter ONLY)
Range upto 1.0 8,000/-
Range 1 plus to 2 10,000/-
Range 2 plus to 5 15,000/-
>5 20,000/-
Case studies(Maximum 2 case reports per year) Indexed NA 1000/-
Citation based incentives


On Annual basis: Submit
through HoI to Research Cell


For Publications

(Citation in journals other than SVDU)
(Applicable after 1st Jan. 2017 onwards)
i10 4,000/-for each i10
H-Index 2,000/-for each H-index
(By Main author/Editor)
New Book Nationally accepted top publishers 30,000/-
New edition Nationally accepted top publishers 15,000/-
Book Chapter
(By Main author/Editor)
New Book Nationally accepted top publishers 6,000/-
New edition Nationally accepted top publishers 4,000/-
Patent (claimed by Inventor i.e. faculty) Indian Patent On grant 1.0 L
US patent On grant 2.5 L
Patent Royalty on commercialization of innovation Inventor : Applicant 80:20


  1. An eligible applicant may apply in a prescribed application form.
  2. The applicant should submit the duly filled application along with copy of publication and SVIEC/SVIAEC approval letter (if applicable)through the concern HoD and HoI to the Research Cell.
  3. The application must be submitted within six month of publication or else it will not be considered.
  4. The Research Cell will scrutinize the applications for their validity as per policy and took final decision
  5. Incomplete applications at any sense shall be rejected.
    • Note: In case of failure to submit the above relevant documents and fulfill the requirement shall debar the applicant from the benefit of this scheme.
    • In case the proposed project work is found under act of plagiarism, all benefits of scheme will be withdrawn and incentive amount will be deducted from the salary and further the faculty will be subjected to disciplinary action as per university rule.
  6. Disbursement of incentive
    • All incentive claims are reviewed and sanctioned from the Research Cell as per the policy.
    • The incentive amount shall be handed over to the applicant who shall be responsible for disbursal to all authors in equal part.
    • Incentives are disbursed on quarterly basis.

The Vice Chancellor, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth reserves the power in case of any individual case of Research incentive scheme

* Framed on 1st August 2015
* Amended on17th Sept. 2016, 1st Jan 2017, 1st April 2017 and 27th Sept. 2018