Routine Quality checks pertaining to Infrastructure & Maintenance

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • YesNo
    1. Are all the furniture properly placed in designated areas and the inventory maintained?
    2. Are all the equipments in working condition?
    3. Are all the doors and windows in good & working condition?
    4. Are all the signboards in place and updated?
    5. Are fire extinguishers placed in designated areas and validity written?
  • YesNo
    1. Is the floor area clean?
    2. Are all walls and ceiling free of cobwebs?
    3. Are all windows clean?
    4. Are all furniture and equipment clean and free from dust?
    5. Is the waste receptacle clean?
    6. Is the seating area clean and presentable?
    7. Are all the rooms clean and presentable?
  • YesNo
    1. Is the floor area clean and dry?
    2. Are all mirror surfaces clean and shiny?
    3. Are all the sinks/toilets/ceramic surfaces clean and hygienic?
    4. Is Handwash/Soap available in washrooms?
    5. Are waste and trash containers provided, and cleaned regularly?
    6. Is cleaning schedule displayed in washroom and updated?
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